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Jeanneau Yachts

With 50 years of experience, Jeanneau Yachts has consistently produced quality, reliable yachts that are made in Les Herbiers, France. This company seeks to be environmentally friendly and safety conscious with standards that meet ISO requirements. It also constructs boats using the Dassault CATIA, a computer-aided design software, a program that precisely molds a boat together. With a 380,000 sq. foot building and 2,000 workers, Jeanneau Yachts is a thriving business that produces quality boats. While they have produced sailboat yachts and powerboats, one of their recognized brands is the Prestige line of yachts. This brand, which costs anywhere from $190,000 to $700,000, ranges from 32 feet long to 50 feet long. It can carry over 400 gallons of fuel and almost 170 gallons of water. If you want to get a tan, you can lie on the sundeck mattress while you absorb the sun’s rays. Or if you’re ready for dinner, you can grill chicken at the flying bridge’s galley. For a rainy day, three TV screens and two DVD players will keep you entertained with your favorite shows and movies. Once you’re ready to hit the sack, you can choose from three different cabins with comfy beds and lockers for your clothes. Inside, you can also cook some Mac n’ Cheese in the microwave, fry eggs over the stove, or keep your chocolate cake cool in the refrigerator. For boating enthusiasts around the world, Jeanneau Yachts will cater to your needs and wants with its luxurious line of yachts.

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Diablo 170 Diablo 205 Express 280/mc
Diablo 180 Diablo 230 Express 350/mc
Diablo 185 Express 240 Typhoon
Diablo 200 Express 260/mc  
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