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Hatteras Yachts 80 Motor Yacht

Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht

Hatteras, a big name in yacht manufacturing industry and has a factory at Cape Hatteras. This company turned into a very popular name in short amount of time. The reason is a company is using a high-quality product in construction of boats. Their boats are developed with fiberglass hull, and all finest material is required for boat manufacturing.  The company’s owner is Willis Slane and founded a year is 1959. Hatteras Company is developing boats in a range of 30 feet to 125 feet. However, all boats are created with the finest material, and that is a cause of little high cost of their boats.

Hatteras 80 Motor yacht is a model constructed by this association. The exact length of this yacht is 79 feet 10 inches, and its beam size is 21 feet 3 inches. Draft is constructed of 5 feet 8 inch, and displacement is 190000 tonnes. This yacht is having a fuel tank capacity as 2858 litres, water tank capacity as 326 litres and holding tank capacity as 388 litres. This inboard boat is having 2 1800 HP diesel engines for more power and longer run.

Hatteras 68 Convertible Yacht is having 2 1880 HP diesel engines. This 69 lengthy yacht is having a fiberglass hull, and its beam size is 21 foot 6 inch. This inboard yacht is having listed value as $3328100 and its produced years are 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Hatteras 67 Ext Deckhouse Motor Yacht is a next available yacht having 2 870 HP diesel engines. Its length is 67 foot and beam size is 18 foot 2 inch. This fiberglass hull yacht is having net mass value of 95,000 pounds.

The most popular sales locations by state for the 80 Motor Yacht are: New Jersey, Missouri, Washington, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, California, Louisiana, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, Virginia and Illinois.

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