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Hatteras Yachts 54 Convertible

If you are looking to buy a used or new Hatteras Yachts 54 Convertible yacht, we have all the information you need. List price for the 54 Convertible is $721,000.00, with a bottom price of $199,700.00, typical price of $226,950.00 and top price of $279,150.00. The 54 Convertible features 2 875 HP Diesel engine and is 56 feet in length. A inboard yacht, the 54 Convertible’s hull is made of fiberglass, features a 17 foot 6 inch beam and weighs in at a net 70,000 pounds.

The 54 Convertible was manufactured during the years: .

The most popular sales locations by state for the 54 Convertible are: Illinois, California, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, Minnesota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, Washington, Virginia and New York.

With so many yacht builders these days, you will be surely confused on what kind of yacht to buy. This is where Hatteras Yachts comes in. Their fiberglass yachts are well-known for its lightness, durability and stability. Throughout the 50 years that they stayed in the boating industry, they have been providing avid sailors and anglers with their finest collection of sportfishing convertibles and motor yachts. This time, they will take you by surprise as they launch the 54 convertible. This is not your ordinary yachts as it will exceed all your expectations just like the 55 Convertible.

The 54 Convertible has everything that you need. It is specifically designed to suit all of its owner’s needs. This luxury yacht contains a two 875 HP Diesel engine and is 56 feet in length. It features a 17 foot 6 inch beam and weighs in at a net 70,000 pounds. Its hull is constructed of fiberglass to reduce the maintenance, keep it from corroding and make it immensely strong. It gives you a smooth ride while operating at high speed like the 58 Convertible . Its specially designed interior provides you with three staterooms and two heads. The builder perfectly blends the state-of-the-art systems and electronics with the classic wood cabinetry and accents.

Hatteras really built an ideal convertible with the 54 Convertible. With its stylish look together with its supreme craftsmanship and comfortable amenities, this grandiose yacht is Hatteras best convertible ever created. Take your family out to the sea and experience the satisfaction that this yacht can offer. Also take a look at other Hatteras yacht models like 64 Convertible.

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