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Fairline Yachts

Looking for an affordable, simple yacht? Then Fairline Yachts probably aren’t for you. However, these boats are made for customers who enjoy powerboating and having expensive and modern looking boats. New Jersey-based Fairline Yachts has three key models: the Squadron, the Phantom, and the Targa. Fairline Yachts seems to spend as much time describing its fancy interiors as it does talking about the safety of its boats. For example, the company says that the Squadron 78 is known for having large entertaining areas, big staterooms, and fancy cabinetry. It says that the Phantom 48 is known for features such as its sophisticated white oak finish, a stateroom, and an en suite bathroom. The Targa 64 is known for features such as its retractable roof, master stateroom, and the way you can change the glass between opaque and transparent.

Most would say that Fairline Yachts aren’t very affordable. A 1999 55’ Fairline Squadron can cost about $824,000, a 2006 52’ Fairline Targa can cost $799,000, and a 2005 46’ Fairline Phantom can cost about $385,000. You’re likely to find some boats that are listed by their Euro price. Depending on the exchange rate on any given day, a Euro can be equivalent to about $1.35-$1.50.

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Phantom 46 Squadron 74 Targa 52
Phantom 48 Squadron 78 Targa 62
Phantom 50 Targa 37 Targa 64
Squadron 41 Targa 38  
Squadron 52 Targa 39  
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