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Pacemaker Yachts Review

In 1948, John Leek sold his shares in the Egg Harbor Boat Company and struck out on his own to form Pacemaker Yachts. In early 1949, John and his brother Cecil ran the company and their first boat was a “carvel-planked 29 footer using Jersey cedar on oak frames”. They moved up to a 33 footer and then 36 and 40. During the 1950s, C.P. Leek purchased the Egg Harbor Company’s stock and merged the fledgling company with Pacemaker Yachts. The combined company manufactured pleasure boats for the affluent and for the mid-price high volume market. Pacemaker maintained its identity in the high volume, mid range market until it was purchased hand in hand with Egg Harbor in 1965 by Fuqua Industries and then sold again to Mission Marine & Assoc. in 1976. Mission Marine stopped the manufacture and sale of yachts using the Pacemaker trademark in 1980.

Originally constructed with wooden hulls, Pacemaker switched to reinforced fiberglass during the 1970s. Known as the “classic battlewagon” in the sport fishing community, it set the standard for serious anglers. The hulls were designed with sleek lines that can withstand the harshest of conditions. The raised deck reduces the pounding in head seas, but maintains its maneuverability in following seas. Roomy interiors with a well appointed entertainment area and sleeping quarters can accommodate passengers and guests with ease. Boats are fitted with Detroit diesels, single I/O gas/petrol or twin gas/petrol engines depending on the make and model.

Pacemaker Yachts have a tradition based on quality and comfort. Comfortable seating and peppy inboard motors can take any adventurer to exotic locations and one owner had a successful boat and breakfast business on a Pacemaker Yacht.


Pricing of Pacemaker yachts depends on the year, condition and maintenance of the boat. A 1980 40 foot Pacemaker Flush Deck in good condition can be found for around $50,000. Other models can start as low as $8,000 and go up to the $100,000 mark.


    Pacemaker boats are built to last
  • Premier fishing boats
  • Roomy interior for family and guests


  • Boats are older and require regular maintenance
  • Pacemaker Yachts are no longer manufactured, so finding parts may be difficult

Featured Models

Pacemaker offered a range of models for the cruising and sport fisherman set. These include: Cruiser, Flybridge, Express, Convertible, Double Cabin, Flush Deck, HardTop, Motor Yacht, Sea Skiff, Sedan Bridge, Sport Fisherman and Tournament Fisherman.


Whether you want to have a corporate retreat, own a fishing cruiser or dream of sailing the seven seas, Pacemaker has a model and price point to accommodate most discerning buyers. Known as a great fishing and family yacht, Pacemaker is a bargain for the serious boater.

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