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Morgan_Yachts Review

The history of Morgan Yachts begins around 1946, when Charley Morgan designed his first yacht, Brisote. This vessel completed a race that extended from St. Petersburg, Florida to Havana, Cuba. In 1952, the firm Morgan Racing Sail was born with Charley at the helm. The founder of the company, Charley Morgan, ended his relationship with his company in 1972. Currently the name Morgan applies to two companies, Catalina Yachts and Morgan Yachts. In 1985, Catalina bought out Charley’s company and now continues to use the brand name for some of their designs. Classic boats in the Morgan series, such as the Morgan 38, have a niche in history. Many Morgan Yacht groups align each year to show off their Morgan vessels.

The Morgan Yacht Company describes their application as a meeting between tradition and design, but the company continues to carry on those inspired traditions of Charley Morgan. The Morgan Yacht firm boasts vessels that range from 10 to 93 feet within their Fast Commuters, Lobster Boat and Dinghy model portfolios. Wealthy New Yorkers used Fast Commuters in the early 1900’s to go from Long Island to New York City. The designs by Morgan Yachts for Fast Commuters include four units. Fast Commuter 83 and 93, the two largest, reach a maximum rate of 30 knots with four cabins plus two additional spaces for crewmembers. All the boats in the line consist of fiberglass and wood construction. The Lobster Boat 44 has a 2 x 44 Hp Yanmar engine and two cabins. Essentiality, the design transfers the old style fishing boats of the 1900’s into a leisure-style yacht.

Pricing lists 2010 Morgan Fast Commuter Yachts at ranges from $3,087,290 -$7,900,690 brand-new. The older series of used Morgans, such as the 1976 Morgan Out Island 51, can be purchased as low as $228,191.



  • The Fast Commuter is a luxurious yacht.
  • State-of-the-art design technology
  • The luxury yachts are described by owners as fast, efficient and eloquent.
  • The older Morgan yachts are collectables, along the same line as classic cars. Many groups hold shows and events designed around Morgan Yachts.


  • The classic line is no longer in production. The original company, founded by Charley Morgan, has not been in business since 1985.
  • The newer models, such as the Fast Commuters, carry a hefty price tag.

Featured Models

Current Line: Fast Commuters series 55, 70, 83. 93, Lobster Boat 44, Dinghy 33 Classic Line: Morgan 22 - 54



Morgan Yachts is not so much a class design, but more of a trade name used by a number of  firms. For a piece of history, you can get one of the older models from Morgan Yachts, designed by the original company. If you want an exorbitant, new yacht, go with one of the Fast Commuter vessels. These yachts have a well-defined reputation and all the comfort and potency of a high-priced luxury yacht.

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