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Marlow Yachts Review

Established in 2001, Marlow Yachts has earned the reputation of being the producer of some of the finest yachts in the world. They use the best quality materials and craftsmanship in each of their vessels. The company conducts extensive research to find out the best materials and methods of installation available. The motto of Marlow Yachts is to abide by the highest quality standards in layout, materials, installation and control. The company manufactures the Marlow Explorer series and the Prowler series at their production facility in Xiamen China, known as Norsemen Shipyard Ltd. It has been claimed on the company’s official website that the Marlow Explorer has excelled in every test applied from strength to performance to beauty. As evident from the ever-growing demand for this superior yacht, sailors who demand quality, performance and innovation are fond of the Marlow Explorer. Models of the Explorer Series range from 53’ to 86’. The Marlow Prowler 375 features a classic model and an open deck model. With its technological, performance and value equations, the Marlow Prowler 375 has left its competitors behind. Speed is one of the big selling points for this yacht. This limited cruiser is capable of easily reaching speeds of over 50 knots with optional power upgrades.

The latest Marlow Voyager 76LR and its soon to be launched sister ships in bigger and smaller versions are a new introduction to Marlow Yacht’s range of long-range cruisers. The manufacturer claims that the Marlow Voyager is a new concept that encompasses a very competent semi displacement hull. The voyager will also feature a bulb and have pod propulsion. This configuration is believed to give 30% better speeds and range compared to full displacement hulls plus it will allow for trans-oceanic capability without needing any extra fuel tanks. The 76LR Voyager will also have solar panels on top of the elevated pilothouse, which means that there will be no need to run the generator continuously as is often the case with yachts of this class.


New Marlow Yachts are custom built so are priced per order. Used Marlow’s can be anything from $340,000 for a 2006 Prowler to $1.375m for a Marlow 65.


  • Marlow built boats are famous for their elegant design, craftsmanship, integrity, beauty and value.
  • They can go as fast as 30 knots that is three times faster than displacement vessels of the same length.


  • At high speeds, they burn a lot of fuel and have a shorter range compared to displacement vessels of the same length.

Featured Models

53C-57E, 57C-61E, 61C-65E, 65C-70E, 72C-78E, Prowler, Sprite, 72E-72E LR, 82CMY-86CMY, Gypsy, Voyager 76LR.


Marlow Yachts offer the ease of sailing, integrity, quality materials and craftsmanship, safety and beautiful appearance. They are faster than displacement vessels of the same size given the fact that they are relatively light and have twin engines with ample horsepower. But they consume large amounts of fuel at high speeds and have a relatively short range.

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