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Huckins Yachts Review


The first Huckins Yacht was sold all the way back in 1928 by Frank Huckins. Little did he know what impact his yacht company would have on the world in the years to come. After America entered World War II, the Navy found themselves in need of new, durable seaworthy crafts. Huckins found out about the problem and pitched a design to the Navy, which they used during the war. Today the company is located in Jacksonville Florida and is owned by Buddy and Cindy Purcell. This couple is selling yachts with the same desire and fervor Frank Huckins had in the middle of the 1900’s. Huckins Yachts builds their massive boats one at a time. Their sea crafts come in a verity of sizes ranging from 36 – 90 feet and each model is built for a purpose. Whether it is the Sportfisherman, Sportsman, Atlantic, or Linwood, the boats are built for performance and comfort. Obviously, maintaining these yachts is not cheap. However, Huckins focuses on fuel efficiency for the enjoyment of they buyer. They even go so far as to put jets one models like the Atlantic.



On the low end of Huckins Yachts one can buy a 50’ Atlantic Sea-Wagon for the base price of $295,000. Prices seem to go up from there. If one is looking for a “middle of the road” price from Huckins, the Offshore might be a good boat to consider. This 58’ twin diesel goes for about $405,000. For those looking to spend more than that on their yacht the newer Ortega starts at $695,000. Of course, in the used yacht world, there are no limits to the prices or amount of Huckins Yachts for sale. One can find a Ortega for as low as $18,000.



  • Huckins Yachts are built for fuel efficiency.
  • Each Huckins is built individually to ensure quality and performance.
  • Huckins are durable and built for tough waters.
  • These boats are comfortable. They are spacious, well equipped for living, and some have sun decks on the roof.


  • Most Huckins are not specifically built for fishing.
  • These yachts are very expensive.
  • There are not very many different Huckins models, especially newer Huckins models, to choose from
  • Besides Jacksonville, there does not seem to be a lot of Huckins dealers available to see and discuss the yachts in person.

Featured Models


Atlantic 44, Linwood 56, Ortega 44, Sportsman 36, Sportfisherman 44.



Huckins Yachts has a long history of providing quality boats to the yachting community and their name is definitely well respected. Though it is not the most popular company, they have received very few negative reviews. The models are limited but each one seems to be a quality product. They incorporate the input of the buyers in every model. Therefore, they claim to build these sea crafts with their buyers not just for their buyers.

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