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Freedom Yachts Review

Freedom Yachts has been designing and manufacturing a state-of-the-art line of yachts for decades. The company was founded in 1962 in Middletown, Rhode Island. The company’s founders grew up in New England and are familiar with boating. They set out to pioneer a new design for sailboat and yacht production. Most sailboats have a fixed rigging system for the sail and mainmast. Freedom Yachts, however, manufactures a freestanding rig system. This freedom allows for better control and steering capabilities. In addition to the new technology in rigging, Freedom Yachts boast a wide variety of technological advances. Their hulls are a mixture of fiberglass plating and balsa wood. This makes for a very sturdy yet lightweight hull. External metals are all stainless steel, which helps resist corrosion from the salt water. Customers love the fact that Freedom Yachts are so durable and long lasting.



Considering the labor intensive process that is required to manufacture Freedom Yachts, the yachts are incredibly affordable. The resale value for Freedom Yachts is also very good. There are many new and used models on the market today. Most models range from between $7,000 and $299,000.



  • Freedom Yachts’ revolutionary free moving mainmast allows for remarkable control of the yachts movement. It also gets rid of a lot of the clutter of rigging.
  • The yachts design of fiberglass plating and balsa wood make for a very durable yet surprisingly light boat.
  • Freedom Yachts have received high appraisals from satisfied owners.
  • The yachts are incredibly durable and are known for their high resale value.


  • Maintaining a sailboat can be very time consuming.
  • These boats are designed mainly for sea cruising.
  • Freedom Yachts can be a bit complicated to control, they are not designed for the first-time boat enthusiast.

Featured Models

Since the company’s founding, Freedom Yachts has manufactured many quality models. The revolutionary free-swinging rigging system has made them very popular among sailboat enthusiasts. Some of the top models are the Freedom 25’ PHRF 204, Freedom 30 PHRF 168, Freedom 38 PHRF 132, and the Freedom 39 PH-PHRF 138. The company also manufactures the Liberty series of yachts.



For over four decades now Freedom Yachts has been manufacturing quality sailboats that are now used internationally. Since its foundation, Freedom has won many notable awards and is now an international dealer. Customers like the small business feel that they get from dealing with Freedom Yachts, and the quality is unbeatable. Although the process of manufacturing is rather labor intensive, Freedom maintains high quality and performance while still making its sailboats and yachts affordable. It looks like Freedom Yachts will continue to manufacture quality yachts and sailboats for years to come.

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