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Christensen Yachts Review

Christensen Yachts, established in 1987, has two locations. Their customer service office is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and their manufacturing shipyard is in the town of Vancouver, Washington. Christensen is one of the nation’s premier luxury yacht builders, and has produced only 36 highly customized yachts to date. New Christensen Yachts are built to order and feature composite vacuum infused hulls and superstructures, modern interior styling, and detailed woodwork done in satin and black walnut, among other high-end design materials. In order to fulfill the demanding orders of clients like Tiger Woods, Christensen’s 180,000 square foot climate-controlled manufacturing space and seven-acre marina must maintain the state of the art abilities that reflect high manufacturing standards. Each Christensen composite fiberglass ocean-going motor yacht, from 100' to 165' in length, features reduced weight and superior strength, no corrosion or rust, and superior insulation in hull and superstructure. The yacht builder also does not shy away from design flair. For instance, the recently launched 157’ Casino Royale featured original artwork from the films—feminine shapes of Bond girls—as part of the yacht’s James Bond theme. In short, customer service is the name of the game at Christensen Yachts.


New Christensen Yachts are priced to order, and are in the multimillion dollar range. Prices for pre-owned Christensen yachts aren’t low either. One of the least expensive pre-owned yachts available is a 2002 57’ pilothouse powersailer that goes for $895,000. On the other end of the spectrum, a 1995 120’ megayacht goes for $7,500,000. In fact, most of the pre-owned Christensen yachts are in the $8 million range.



  • Christensen Yachts are extremely well-built from state-of-the-art materials and are long-lasting.
  • The company takes great pride in its customer service record.
  • Many older Christensen Yachts are extremely well maintained.
  • Christensen Yachts are custom made right down to the smallest detail of the new owner's specifications.


  • New and used Christensen Yachts are very expensive—usually in the multimillion dollar range.
  • One must travel to the Vancouver, Washington site to make decisions in person.
  • Pre-owned Christensen Yachts were highly customized for another owner.

Featured Models

Christensen Yachts technically doesn't produce models or makes. Each one is a 'megayacht' that ranges from 87' to 157'. Each year, about 4 yachts are made.



Christensen Yachts produces several high-end megayachts a year for clients who are very involved in the customization process. Everything from the exterior windows to the master bathroom sink fixtures are made to order. New yachts are as much as $20 million and you get what you pay for. While pre-owned Christensens are available, they were built for someone else. Christensen’s business model is to please the client, and to build a great boat.

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