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Carver Yachts Review



The genesis of Carver Yachts began in a Milwaukee garage in 1954 where partners George Verhagen and Charlie Carter began building wooden run-abouts. Half a century later, the Carver Yachts company—the name Carver being a combination of the partners’ last names—has undergone several transformations to become a name synonymous with world-class cruising vessels.

In 2003, Carver Yachts, whose manufacturing facilities were based for many years in Pulaski, Wisconsin, opened a manufacturing facility in Fano, Italy, where it built its new line of Nuvari Yachts. Also in this year, Carver debut its Wisconsin-built Marquis Class of luxury vessels. The Carver line currently includes vessels ranging in length from 36 to 56 feet. The 36’ Super Sport features the largest fuel capacity of any boat in its class as well as customizable interior space. Carver’s 56’ Voyager SE includes an aircraft-style pilothouse, the unique Carver Docking System for easy maneuverability, and three luxurious staterooms.

The Carver Marquis line of Italian/American hybrid yachts has received rave reviews from yachting experts. Such features as perfectly joined, flawless wood accents, Italian plumbing fixtures and heavy, high-end hardware all contribute to kudos from industry evaluators. Pilots appreciate the improvements Carver made in terms of handling and get-up-and-go in its latest 42 Super Sport model. The new 2010 Marquis 500 (50 foot) Sport Bridge yacht combines the sleek styling of an Italian yacht. However, thanks to its Wisconsin roots, any replacement parts are readily available in the US. Reviewed as a nimble vessel with sports-car style handling, the Marquis 500 is another success story in the Carver Yacht line-up.


New Carver Yacht models start at around $270,000 for a 33’ Super Sport and range to $1, 300,000 for a 50 foot Marquis and upwards to the 57 foot models. Used Carvers sell for $179,000 to $1,200,000, depending on models and ages.



  • Carver Docking System facilitates easy maneuvering
  • Sleek European design with mid-west practicality
  • Newer models feature improved handling and response


  • Models with flying bridges may have blind spots
  • Less recent models may have sluggish handling
  • Smaller models have less space for luxury features

Featured Models


Featured models in the Carver Yachts line up include the 36 Super Sport, 43 Super Sport, 46 Motor Yacht, 56 Voyager SE, and the new Marquis 500 .



Carver Yachts has been making seaworthy vessels since the 1950s, and its acquisition of an Italian manufacturing facility in 2003 as well as the launch of the Marquis series of luxury vessels in the same year have brought new innovations in design and performance to Carver products. By pairing mid-western common sense and value with stylish European design, Carver Yachts has proven its ability to change with the times as a leader in the sport yacht industry.

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