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Californian Yachts Review

Californian Yachts was founded by Jule Marshall in the 1970s. Marshall designed the hulls for the line and Myrna Elliott designed the interiors. In 1976, the company had one of its first commercially successfully models, the 42 LRC trawler. During this time period most competing companies were building similar boats in Asia, the American company was a standout. The company has a complicated history of ownership changes which began in 1980 when Marshall sold the company to Wellcraft Marine. Although no longer running the company, Marshall continued to build some styles for Wellcraft until he bought back the brand in 1984. In 1986, the company was again sold, to Carver Yachts. After this sale Marshall was not involved with the brand and instead focused on creating a new brand, Navigator Yachts. In 1991, Marshall again acquired Californian Yachts and in 1998, he introduced an entirely new line of Californian Yachts including the Californian 39 SL, which is a motorized yacht with a raised pilothouse. Marshall continues to build boats for both brands in adjacent areas, however, the lines are kept strictly separate. The various Californian Yachts boat models are now well known among boat enthusiast for their efficient use of space, hull lines that allow maximum speed and maneuverability with minimal horsepower, and great fuel economy. Overall, the consensus is that these boats have a luxury feel for a moderate price.


The prices of the new Californian Yachts vary by quite a bit depending on the length of the boat, model, year of construction, and options selected but can range from around $250,000 to nearly one million dollars. Used Californian Yacht prices range in price from around $50,000 to about $200,000. In great part this also depends on if the boat was crafted during the time period Marshall was designing them.


  • Luxurious interiors, with roomy floorplans.
  • Exceptional handling.
  • Moderately priced.


  • Less horsepower than some brands of similar size.
  • Some difference in quality depending on who was running the company when a boat was built.

Featured Models

Some of the models from Californian Yachts include the Californian 42 LRC, Californian 39 SL, Californian 50’ Veneti, Californian 48’ LRC, and the Californian 55’ LRC.

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