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Albin Yachts Review


Albin Yachts is a subsidiary of Albin Marine, the successor of the Swedish-based company Albin Motor, which has been in business since 1899. The company's longevity is impressive, and is marked by a number of milestones. Albin Yachts entered the American market in 1966, and in doing so cemented its global presence. Since this time, the company has been headed by Fred Peters, and has secured contracts building yachts and boats in the US, Sweden, and in Taiwan. The marine division of Albin was acquired by 1981 by Volvo Penta.

Albin Yachts prizes itself on its uncompromising approach to yacht building, and considers its products to have a worldwide reputation as vessels “designed in the North Sea tradition to handle the roughest waters”. Albin Yachts are built by hand, and are designed with consideration given to timelessness and high quality design. The Albin Yachts range is designed to suit a variety of needs, including vessels appropriate for family accommodation, and sports models for serious anglers.




Albin Yachts range in price from around $100,000 to more than $600,000 depending on the size and make of the yacht. However, secondhand Albin Yachts can be found for significantly lower prices than the newer models.



  • Users note excellent stability and sturdiness of construction
  • There is substantial room in the cockpits, as well as on the decks
  • Reviews note that Albin vessels run more quietly than other comparable models


  • Some users report concerns about the swelling of wood due to overswell
  • Small holding tanks might be off-putting to some serious anglers
  • There are some concerns about glare due to the white moldings

Featured Models


The Tournament Express series: 28' Tournament Express, 31' Tournament Express, Express Trawler. The Command Bridge series: 45' Command Bridge, 35' Command Bridge. The Center Console series: 26' Center Console



Albin Yachts is a long-term player in the yachting and boating market. The company's 28' Tournament Express is consistently one of the top selling boats in this range, and is a good choice for those who are used to boating in fairly inclement weather. Albin Yachts are designed for both strength and versatility, and the company's experience with working in difficult and challenging waters is reflected in designs that emphasize utility and sturdiness. However, some reviewers find certain aspects of the design challenging, such as the possibility of some elements getting wet, and concerns about water damage due to leaking seals. Albin Yachts in general, however, represent a good value for money purchase, and given their range in terms of both products and price, offer a variety of yachts and other vessels appropriate to a range of needs and interests.

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