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How To Live In A Yacht

Living in a yacht is a romantic fantasy some people have. The movies dramatize and romanticize the experience in many different ways. Yacht living may be suited to many people. However, there is a big difference between traveling on a yacht for a few weeks or a month, and living on one. There is also a big difference in living on a yacht that is not seaworthy and must remained docked, and one that can travel out to sea. A well-maintained seaworthy yacht can be a romantic and pleasurable experience whether the plan is to use the yacht as a summer home, for an extended trip, or as a full time home. Yacht living can offer all the amenities of a traditional home with a few added perks.

Step 1: Test It Out

Stay aboard a yacht for an extended period of time before making a final decision about living on one. Taking up a permanent residence on a yacht is usually hard to reverse should it turn out to not be an appropriate arrangement. Consider transportation to and from work if applicable, the logistics of shopping, and visiting family and friends.

Charter a yacht for a month or more. Stay on the yacht without staying overnight anywhere else. This will provide the best information about what living on a yacht will be like. It will introduce the weather conditions to be expected and determine the ability of the resident to live strictly on water. Even large yachts will move as the water moves. Research appropriate marinas before purchasing or renting a slip. This should be a location that is convenient to on-land activities. No one wants to live in a neighborhood that is incompatible with their own lifestyles. Some marinas feel safer than others. Some marinas will have a younger age group of residents and others will have an older age group of residents. Find out who the neighbors are before making the commitment.

Step 2: On-Shore Transport

Store a bike or small moped on the yacht. This will be transportation to and from town. Only a few marina will have all the shopping conveniences available in walking distance. There will also be limited parking facilities nearby. Another alternative would be to spend time and money calling taxis and asking for rides to the store. This will restrict independence when the resident has to rely on others for transportation.

Reduce the clutter. The number of personal items that can be fit onto a yacht will be very limited. The space restrictions will dictate that many accessories will need to be stored in a storage facility and will be inconvenient to access. Anyone who has a need for many personal goods at hand will likely not make a successful transition to yacht living, since space is at a premium even on large yachts. Others will find the ability to set sail at any given time to be worth the reduction in personal belongings.

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